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If you want to keep up with me I am currently active on Instagram and Youtube. I am also on Twitter keeping up with the news, tending to stay positive in my posts and retweets. There has been lots of new content produced since I last posted to "The Blog" so check out the "Social Media" section on this website.

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Poudre High School Moments: Alpine Robotics Atlanta, GA 2009 

Poudre High School Moments: Alpine Robotics Atlanta, Georgia 2009 

5 min, 36 sec.

This is one a few videos I have planned out. Its a mini documentary on one of my main high school activities FIRST Robotics edited in imovie 09 which has proven to be a great, fast editor for me. Its like Final Cut X, but stripped down to just the essentials. Its got a few quirks but its readily available on many OS X machines so I chose to know it and use it.


NAB 2015 With Sony

At NAB 2015, in Las Vegas as part of the Sony student experience program, I helped Sony to demonstrate products in their Event Production area in their booth throughout the week. I mainly demonstrated their Anycast Touch live content producer which is a really cool all in one product and PTZ robotic cameras.

Meeting the many different people and companies that came through the Sony booth was amazing. Although I didn't get to see much outside the Sony booth, the experience was worth it as I learned a lot and met many students in the program throughout the week. It was certainly a good experience.

The Sony booth:

Me at the event production area durring the week demoing products such as the Anycast Touch:





Spring 2015 Demo Reel

Its finally time for my Spring 2015 demo reel update just in time for my internship with Sony at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas. More on that later. Check out my youtube page for other recent videos.




Oliver Homan 2015 Demo Reel from Oliver Homan on Vimeo.



Recent Little Shop of Physics Photography

These are links to photos I have taken recently as part of my volunteering with the Little Shop of Physics at Colorado State University. The main Flickr page is at:
LSOP in the Labs Fall 2014
OLC Build It Weekend December 13-14, 2014
Lesher Middle School
Pine Ridge Trip 2014
Super Science Saturday 2014
2014 LSOP Open House at CSU